Bendigo Football Club
Bendigo Football Club

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The Bendigo Football Club is based in Victoria, Australia. It plays in the football league of Victoria and the games are played as per Australian rules. It entered the Victoria Football League in the year 1998 and was referred to as the `Bendigo Diggers’. It has also been known as Bendigo Gold and Bendigo Bombers lately..

It went through two consecutive seasons in 2001-2002 without a win; but, in 2003, it gained an alliance with Essendon Football Club as Bendigo Bombers and participated in the Australian Football League. Its Guernsey was modified to black along with a red sash. This was done to match those of the Essendon Club. Consequently, Essendon was able to field some of its players in this Bendigo team, resulting in a larger supporter base in this region. Essendon renewed its alliance with the Bendigo Bombers in the latter half of 2009 for another couple of seasons. During this affiliation with Essendon Club, Bendigo Bombers reached the finals on five occasions and its best finish came in 2005 when the club ended in the fourth place.

In 2012, this club altered its name and came to be called the Bendigo Football Club after it ended its alliance with the Essendon Football Club. This was its first transition to become a club on stand-alone basis. It is also known as Bendigo Gold now; along with its new name, it has also got a new song.

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